Solid Select was created with the soul intention of inspiring parents to have fun with their kids.  We are firm in our belief that imagination is cultivated at a very young age.  Our store focuses on costumes for your little ones and inspiring you to encourage imagination! 

The idea of playing dress up has been instilled in us since we were small.  It’s fun and exciting and we get to transform into anything or anyone that we can imagine.  When my kids were born I decided that I wanted them to experience life, have fun and to always imagine the possibilities. 

My sisters and I created a treasure trunk of fun costumes for our kids.  We had weekly playdates and dressed the kids up in crazy fun costumes.  Keep in mind that we started this when our kids were infants because we wanted to make sure our children grew up with the mind set that they could literally be anything they wanted to be at any given moment. 

Our kids are now grown up and have children of their own.  I am so happy to say that our children have continued the tradition of inspiring and encouraging imagination and creativity with their children.

At Solid Select we aspire to inspire parents to cultivate and spark the imagination of children.  Let’s face it, playing dress up is fun and shouldn’t be limited to Halloween.