The Best Baby Halloween Costumes Newborn

You're never too young to celebrate Halloween! Even if your baby is still a newborn, you should be able to find an adorable costume for them to wear. These baby Halloween costume ideas are fun, comfortable, and incredibly appealing.


Try Pumpkin Costumes

Pumpkins are a classic Halloween costume. They've been one of the most popular Halloween costumes for decades. These costumes can be worn by people of any age, but they're mainly cute for young babies.

The simplest way to dress your child as a pumpkin is to stick them in a pumpkin onesie. These onesies can be purchased from plenty of retailers during the Halloween season. If you're looking for a costume that's a little bit rounder, you should be able to find plenty of options. A padded pumpkin costume can keep your baby warm if the weather is cold.

diy baby costume pumpkin

Create A Carrot Costume

Is your baby cute enough to eat? If so, why not dress them up in a food costume? A carrot costume will be comfortable and easy to create. You won't have to buy a pre-made costume; you can merely use materials that you have around the house.

All you need to create a carrot costume is an orange onesie and a green hat. You may want to decorate the cap with fabric so that it looks more like carrot leaves. This is a fantastic costume idea that you can quickly throw together at the last minute.

baby carrot costume idea

Try An Egg Hatching Costume

Some of the best baby Halloween costumes newborn play up the fact that your baby was just born. Egg hatching costumes are a wonderful example of this. People will laugh and smile when they see your new baby hatching from an egg.

There are all kinds of adorable costumes like this you can try. You could dress your infant as a hatching chick, a baby dinosaur, or some bird. An outfit like this is perfect for first Halloween pictures.


Put Together A Sushi Costume

If you and your partner like to eat sushi, you might want to consider a sushi costume for your baby! This unusual costume idea is easy to throw together. All you need is a basic white onesie, and some felt!

Cut the felt into strips and attach it to the onesie. You could use orange or pink felt to represent fish, and dark green or black felt can stand in for seaweed. Try to mimic the look of the sushi you usually eat.

Once the onesie is decorated, all you have to do is dress your baby up. You'll look like you're carrying a fresh roll of sushi! To complete the look, you might want to bring chopsticks as well.

sushi onesie for infants

Build Your Baby Shark Costume

Do you have a cute hoodie that your baby is about to grow out of? Instead of giving this hoodie away, you should try to convert it into a shark costume! With some white and red felt, you can make your infant look like a baby shark!

Attach the red felt to the hoodie so that it looks like shark gums. Once that felt is secured, cut the white felt into the shape of teeth. Use fabric glue to secure it to the hoodie. For an extra touch, you could also sew a shark fin onto your baby's back.


Try A Cute (Or Creepy) Carrier Costume

Some of the best baby Halloween costumes newborn idea can utilize a baby carrier. If your baby likes to be held in their carrier, you could try creating a carrier costume.

If you're looking for a cute costume for your baby girl, why not try dressing her up as Rapunzel? When she's in the carrier, she'll look like she's letting her hair down from a tall tower. You could also try turning the carrier into a costume. You could make the carrier look like popcorn or a cupcake.

If you prefer creepy costumes, you may want to dress your baby up like a spider. Add eight legs and a web, and your baby will look like they're a giant spider!


You Can "Count" On A Sheep Costume

Sheep costumes are very charming, and they also provide a lot of warmth. A costume like this will keep your baby toasty on a chilly Halloween night.

Although you can easily purchase a sheep costume for your baby, you can also make a costume like this on your own. Take a black outfit you don't mind decorating and glue on some cotton balls. They'll look just like wool!


Your Baby Will Look Sweet As A Strawberry

If you're willing to decorate a red onesie, you can quickly turn your baby into a strawberry. You won't need to sew or use fabric glue; all you'll have to do is paint on some black dots. Have your child wear a green cap to complete the look.


A Puppy Costume Can Be Precious

If you're a dog person, dressing your newborn up as a puppy is a great idea. There are all kinds of puppy costumes out there, and you can easily create a costume like this on your own. Just use fabric glue to add ears to your baby's favorite hat. Put them in a matching outfit, and they'll be good to go.

baby puppy hatchling

Your Baby Will Also Look Cute As A Cat

If you prefer cats to dogs, a cat costume is also easy to create. The key to a cat costume is ears. Like with a puppy costume, you can make a costume like this if you attach ears to a hat. You might want to add a tail as well!

Child dressed as Cat with Face Paint

Do you want to take some cute Halloween photos of your child? If you're trying to decide how you would like to dress up your newborn, you should give these baby Halloween costumes newborn ideas a try. Any of these suggestions should work well for your child. Try out these costumes and see what you think!